2003 Honda Accord



July, 22, 2009 AT 1:52 PM

Air Conditioning problem
2003 Honda Accord 4 cyl Automatic 80,000 miles

Hope my solution is easy.
A few weeks back I started noticing that my Honda's A/C was cooling very little. It's mid-summer here in S FL and it's no joke how hot it gets!
So I decided to add a sealer and more refrigerant. This made no difference on the cooling in the beginning and may have made the matter even worse. But. This is what happened after I added the refrigerant:
First symptom: The compressor would turn on and off multiple times within seconds. This happened only once, and went away when I let the car rest for about 45 minutes and hasn't returned since.
Second: I hope this is some automatic process, but after the above event went away, the car started releasing some type of gas or air for about 1 minute intermittently, and then went away. Also hasn't returned.
Finally, this is where I'm at right now: The passenger side A/C is cooling fine, but the driver (me!) Is hot since the A/C for the driver's side will not cool at all for atleast 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of driving, it starts to cool, but not at the same temp as the passenger. Additionally, while the a/c is not cooling for the driver, the engine is making a different noise when accelerating; sounds like an electric motor that revs with the engine. When it starts to cool again, that sound goes away.

Whew! Hope this info helps!


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July, 27, 2009 AT 1:08 PM

Hi yebomobi,

1. When recharging the freon, you have overcharged it causing excessive pressure in the system and this would cause the compressor to cut in and out.

2. No idea what the gas or air is so is unable to comment.

3. The air mix motor is not functioning causing the air mix door to close erratically and this causes the heater to interfere with the AC cooling. The noise you are hearing should be from the air mix motor.



August, 11, 2009 AT 3:31 PM

Thanks for the response.

Turns out you are correct: I overcharged the system and caused the purge valve on the compressor to blow. I would have to replace the compressor, clutch, and coil. Plus, since I overcharged it with a sealant first (Note: oil, which is not supposed to be in the system), I would have to purge the whole system.

As for the Air mix door, when I took it into service some time ago they replaced the cabin air filter. But they installed the wrong one (2-piece filter instead of one, single piece), which caused the linkages to pop from the door. Great.

Over $2k to fix. On a car I still owe? Nah. Traded it in and got a new car.

But I hope my above discoveries and of course, your help. Will help others with similar problems. And to avoid my same dumb mistakes!



August, 11, 2009 AT 3:57 PM

So you got an easy solution as you had hoped for, trade-in for a new car. Lol.

Glad to be of service.

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