1999 Honda Accord LX, 147k, blowing fuse

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1999 honda accord lx keeps blowing a 10 fuse that controls the dash, rear, and license plate lights. What is the problem. I replace the fuse and five minutes later it is blown again. Help me I have been pulled over by the police for no rear lighting.?

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Sunday, August 13th, 2006 AT 4:33 PM

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It looks like the power on a LX goes thru the Combination headlight switch. THat is a posibility that it is bad causing the fuse to blow. More than likey it is a bad light or a wire has gotten damaged and shorted to the frame.
I would do a little trouble shooting to start with. All of these lights run on this circuit. Left and right front park, left and right front turn signal/side marker light, left and right inner tail lights, left and right brake light/outer tailights, license plate, and trailer lighting connector.
So, first off, disconnect the combination headlight switch, and see if the fuse blows. If not, then mostlikey one of your lights is bad. I would start removing them and lookinf for signs of water damage, corrosion, or arcing. Once you get them all disconnected, try another fuse. If it does not blow, then connect the lights one by one until you find the bad one. If it still blows the fuse, then it may be some thing in the dash lights that is shorting out. You are just going to have to try and eliminate each possiblity until you track down the short.

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Sunday, August 13th, 2006 AT 5:10 PM

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