1998 Honda Accord



March, 25, 2008 AT 3:04 PM

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1998 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 128000 miles

My 1998 Honda Accord LX has a bad vibration which is worse when accelerating or decelerating. It is noticable between 30-70 but virtually non-existent at 70mph or above. As soon as I take my foot off the gas and start to coast, it shakes like I have a broken belt in one of my tires (my tires were checked and they're fine). I've had every item replaced in the front end; struts, all bushings, ball joints, tie-rod ends, and end links, rotors, pads, 4 brand new wheels. A 4-wheel alignment was done, tires were balanced not once but twice while I stood by and watched (all good). First I suspected struts so I replaced those. Then I thought the frontend components were just worn out so I installed an entire new frontend kit (Honda parts). Then I was told that I had 1 bent rim so I bought a whole new set. After all of this, I STILL have bad vibration as described above! I sure hope some sharp Honda mechanic can tell me what's drastically wrong with an otherwise wonderful moneypit. Er. Car.


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March, 25, 2008 AT 3:43 PM

The only parts you did not mention are the one(s) I suspect, if you hear any bang when shifting into drive or reverse, have the inner plunger joints on the cv axles checked, if it shifts ok, check engine and tranny mounts. ALL of them, especially with your mileage. Some people describe the shifting problem as a clunk.



March, 26, 2008 AT 10:56 AM

I don't hear a clunk or grinding when going straight or turning. Are you sure that it could be my CV joint(s)?


Bruce Hunt

March, 26, 2008 AT 12:07 PM

Another thought that I have might be to check the rear bearing on the wheels.

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