1996 Honda Accord



January, 5, 2009 AT 6:02 PM

Brakes problem
1996 Honda Accord 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 161000 miles

You sent me a diagram of the disassembly of the front rotors for removal, but my direct question would be, could you remove the rotors without taking off the steering knuckle? And could you use a slide hammer to pull them off? Or is the bearing pressed in? You gave me an answer but not that in depth. Thank You Mike


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Dave H

January, 5, 2009 AT 8:01 PM

Thanks for the donation, hope this helps !

NOTE:On Accord, hub and bearing assembly must be removed to remove rotor.

Loosen lug nuts with vehicle weight on tires. Pry lock tab away from spindle nut, and loosen nut. Raise and support vehicle. Remove lug nuts and spindle nut. Remove wheel assembly. Remove caliper assembly, and support aside. DO NOT put weight on flexible brake line.
Remove cotter pin and nut from tie rod end. Using Ball Joint Remover (07MAC-SL00200), separate tie rod ball joint and lift tie rod end out of knuckle. Remove cotter pin from lower control arm ball joint, and loosen castle nut half length of joint threads. See Fig. 2 . Using ball joint separator, separate lower ball joint from control arm. Remove nut.
Remove hub/knuckle from control arm. Remove cotter pin and nut from upper ball joint. Using ball joint remover, separate ball joint from upper control arm. Slide axle shaft from knuckle and hub assembly. Support axle shaft with wire. Remove hub/knuckle assembly.
To install hub/knuckle, reverse removal procedure. Tighten bolts and nuts to specification. Use NEW spindle nut, and stake after tightening. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS .

Remove steering knuckle. See HUB & KNUCKLE ASSEMBLY . Remove splash guard (if necessary). Remove steering knuckle-to-hub mounting bolts and separate hub from steering knuckle. Using Front Hub Remover/Installer (07GAF-SE00100), press wheel bearing from hub. Press wheel bearing inner race from hub. Clean knuckle and hub thoroughly before reassembly.
Press NEW bearing onto hub. DO NOT exceed 4000 lbs. (1814 kg) pressure. Install splash guard (if removed). Bolt hub to steering knuckle. Tighten bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS . To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.

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