1991 Honda Accord Problem with engine misfiring.

Shakes or Wobbles problem
1991 Honda Accord 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 155k miles

Im looking to buy this car but recieved this message from the guy selling it.

91 honda four door accord 5 speed good clutch. Clean title155k miles. In the past 3 years its had Full exhaust, new shocks (Tokico blues) new balljoints, tierod ends, upper control arms, battery, fixed ac, new tires in the past 1000 miles, Intake manifold swap (h23 intake manifold) Larger throttle body and intake plenum. New front motor mount, urethane filled trans and drivers side motor mount. And in the past 6 months new distributor, distributor cap and rotor fuel filter and spark plugs and passenger side axle. Very well taken care of.

Now it does have a problem. I don't have the time to trouble shoot and fix it. It starts and idles great but will start to misfire when you give it gas. I have checked the fuel pressure thinking it may be the fuel pump but the pressure is fine. I have 3 different ecu's for the car and have swapped them out as well. It might be something stupid like the o2 sensor, throttle position sensor, bad injector, Who knows! Hell maybe the timing is off. I don't know I don't have time to mess with it. I did check the oil and no coolant is mixed, car has never been over heated. I will include a extra coil, ignitor, aftermarket tail lights all 3 ecu's the stock pt3, a pt6 (No speed limiter), And a p12 said to give10 extra hp. Another set of steel rims with 2 ok tires the other 2 not so good. If you are mechanically inclined and have time to fix whatever the problem is you will have a great little car that will easily go another 150k miles

So I wanted to see if you could give me an idea what might be the problem and if its serious.I dont want to have to put too much money into the car if im buying it.
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Sunday, March 15th, 2009 AT 10:53 PM

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If the engine is in good condtion -Misfires can be caused by worn or fouled spark plugs, a weak spark (weak coil, bad spark plug wire), loss of compression, vacuum leaks, anything that causes an unusually lean fuel mixture (lean misfire), an EGR valve that is stuck open, dirty fuel injectors, low fuel pressure, or even bad fuel.
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Sunday, March 15th, 2009 AT 10:57 PM

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