2007 GMC Yukon



December, 18, 2008 AT 12:21 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2007 GMC Yukon V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 40100 miles

My traction control light comes on, messages service stabilitrak and traction control system are displayed and my check engine light comes on while my Yukon is Idling. When I start driving, the vehicles shifts roughly from 1st to 2nd gear. After that the traction control light goes off and there are no service messages displayed, but the check engine light stays on. The fault will only duplicate itself when the vehicle is idleing. My mechanic is currently working on the problem. The are saying that the service engine light is on because of a misfire, and the stabilitrak problem is a result of that too. It doesn't sound right to me but because I am not to familiar with engines, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully one of you will be able to help me out before I drop a ton of money


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brian 1

December, 18, 2008 AT 3:00 PM

Yes they are correct, because the trac contol when active it shuts down 2 cylinders so you don't spin in the snow, if the vehicle has a missfire the trac control cannot activate because it detects a missfire. What was the code for the check engine light?Post back with any other questions.



May, 23, 2012 AT 11:54 PM

I am having very similar issues. What was the fix. Dealer is telling me new camshaft maybe new engine. I don't think so



May, 25, 2012 AT 4:56 PM

Yes it turns on the stabilitrak light on because it can't tell if you are on a rough road or the engine is misfiring. GM has oil consumption issuse with the 5.3 and some 6.0l engines. We have been replacing pistons and rings for this problem. Is your Yukon still have powertrain warranty?

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