2003 GMC Yukon



October, 30, 2008 AT 4:22 PM

Engine Performance problem
2003 GMC Yukon V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 81500 miles

2003 GMC Yukon 5.3L V8----Rough idle, especially on some recent cooler mornings. The truck is at the shop and I have read several sites talking about the plenum gaskets. The shop took me back and showed me the tests they were running. However, I have read there is an upper and lower gasket on this truck. The shop tells me there is only one! Am I being pulled around? The repairs will cost $180 for the gasket, $300 (3.5 hrs) labor, $20 shop cost, some tax, and then an added $199 for Throttle body injection service. Total $795.00. Any kind words of advice from the experts?


1 Answer


brian 1

October, 30, 2008 AT 9:16 PM

This engine has a lower plentum gasket and a lower intake manifold gasket. Ask them which one?What tests are they performing?What codes? The old plentum gaskets should be orange, the updated gaskets should be green. There is a bulletin for the problem.

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