1995 GMC Sierra power window motor

  • 1995 GMC SIERRA
  • V8
  • AWD
  • 175,000 MILES
How do I replace the power window motor in the passenger side?
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Saturday, December 19th, 2009 AT 2:31 PM

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1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
2. Remove the door trim panel.
3. Remove the water deflector by peeling it back.
4. Disconnect the door lock rods at the module.
5. Loosen the upper run channel bolt.
6. Move the run channel away from the glass.
7. Pull the wiring harness towards the door to reach the connector. Remove the boot from the wiring and disconnect the harness at the door hinge pillar.
8. Remove the module and window assembly from the door frame by tilting it and lowering it from the door.
9. Fold back the tab on the channel and slide the glass out.
10. On trucks with power components, drill out the rivets from the inner handle housing.
11. Drill out the regulator assembly rivets.
12. Remove the regulator/motor assembly.

The next step must be performed when the regulator is removed from the door. The regulator lift arms are under tension from the counterbalance spring and can cause serious injury if the motor is removed without locking the sector gear in position.

13. Install a pan head sheet metal tapping screw through the sector gear and backing plate in the hole provided, to lock the sector gear in position.
14. Drill out the motor-to-regulator attaching rivets and remove the motor from the regulator.

To install:

15. Prior to installation, lubricate the motor drive gear and regulator sector teeth.
16. Install the motor to the regulator. Make sure the motor and sector gear teeth mesh properly before installing the replacement attaching bolts and nuts.
17. Remove the screw locking the sector gear in the fixed position.
18. Reposition the motor/regulator in the door and install the wiring connector.
19. Attach the regulator to the door.
20. Slide the glass out into the channel and fold over the tab.
21. Fit the glass into the rear channel in the door, then, while pulling the channel towards the glass, fit the glass into the front run channel.
22. Install the boot from the wiring and connect the harness at the door hinge pillar.
23. Install the lower run channel bolt.
24. Install the door lock rods at the module.
25. Install the module panel screws, starting at the top left, then the top right.
26. Install the water deflector.
27. Tighten the upper run channel bolt.
28. Install the trim panel on the door.
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