2000 GMC Safari



December, 19, 2007 AT 6:14 PM

I have had several people on the forums here buy a new coil to find out it wasnt putting out enough amperage!



December, 27, 2007 AT 11:23 AM

2000 GMC SAFARI VAN - Hi guys, just a quick note, last year the alternator was changed, a 100 amp alternator was used instead of a 105 amp, would this make a difference as far as my problems are concerned. Bare in mind I do have A/C.



December, 27, 2007 AT 2:53 PM

Hi JUST4NOW, I have been having the exact same problem as yourself. My Safari is AWD, first the Encoder motor went($1200.00) that makes it all wheel drive instead of 2 wheel drive. Then the fuel pump went($800) Then it began stalling and running rough. It then graduated to not starting and having to be towed in, but everytime it got there the mechanic would say it fired right up when it got off the towtruck. Next day it wouldn't start, and when the mechanic passed by on his way home, you guessed it, it fired right up. My mechanic buddy came by and figured out it was the coil. It was arcing across to the manifold when the weather was moist and it always had been raining or damp when my trouble occurred. The EGR was still setting off the computer though so we had it replaced. Fuel economy has dropped off horribly, this van always was a pig on gas but now it has gotten even worse. Now the engine light comes on to say that the Catalityc coverter is cooling down to quick? This van was the most reliable and best vehicle ever, I bet yours was too. Isn't it funny how this problem just started out of the blue? The van runs well enough now and I have learned to tolerate driving with the engine light on, although fuel economy is still horrible.



January, 1, 2008 AT 6:44 PM

Hey buddy, thanks for your input! The thing is, the ignition coil was just replaced along with plugs/wires. The EGR valve and fuel filter was replaced as well. It goes back to the shop on Monday in hopes they find out what it is. My van is a 2wd so I don't have to worry about the computer mod. Thanks again.

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