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I recently got some work performed on my 1997 Buick Skylark. Which included changing the serpentine belt. The mechanic forgot to reconnect the clamp on a hose that runs from the coolant resevoir to the radiator.

I drove it a couple miles to visit my sister, stayed for about 1/2 hour then headed back home. I was in traffic down the main street & noticed the engine begining to smoke. I pulled over as soon as I could, but the engine temp was just a hair below the red!

The mechanics came & after the engine cooled they added 2 gallons of water & took it to the shop. There they drained and flushed the system & then replaced the collant as well as looking for any possible cracks in the head.

All seemed ok, until 2 days later & the first trip over 2 miles. The engine siezed and the temp was almost to the red. What possible causes could this be? Any advice will be appreciated!

Thanks Kellie :cry:
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Sunday, March 26th, 2006 AT 4:38 PM

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Hi Kellie. Maybe you should check the oil and see if have any of your water in there. I don't see 2 gallons of water going to your overflow. That may have been your smoking which unfortunatly could be a head gasket. When you say the motor seized do you mean totally locked up and won't turn at all?If you have aluminum heads they could have got hot enough to warp, possibly. All in all this doesn't sound
good, I hope the mechanic will admit to his "error" when it's time for someone to replace what has gone bad as a result. These are just my thoughts but good places to start digging. Wish you luck :D
Oh, btw, have the belt tensioner checked and make sure it wasn't slipping, causing your overheating.
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Sunday, March 26th, 2006 AT 7:53 PM

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