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I recently bought a 1994 grand am. Lately the engine light pops on after driving for about 10 minutes. I pull over and shut the car of and then re-start the car and the light comes back on. Then sometimes it stays off other times it stays on, any suggestions on what I should do or what the problem is?
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 AT 10:40 PM

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On the drivers side of your car, there is a computer connection. It may be under a small panel of some sort, or up above your brake pedal. Simply find this "connection" and jump termail A to terminal B.

Take a simple paper clip, and bend it. Stick one end in the termail hole A (upper left hand corner of the connection), to terminal B, (the one next to it). Make sure you stick the paper clip in far enough to stick by itself.

The Service engine soon light will begin to flash. It will read a code 12 (flash. Pause. Flash flash). It will flash this code 3X. This code tells you that your vechical is communicating with you.

After your initial code 12. Addition codes will read out if there is something wrong, which there probably is.
Example: Code 23-- (flash flash. Pause. Flash flash flash)
Example: Code 41-- (flash flash flash flash. Pause. Flash)

No codes end is 0 so there is no concern on how to read those. All codes will Flash 3X.
You may have several codes at one time. Write them down.

Go down to your local, Napa, Checker, Kragen, Autozone, Car Quest ect, and pick up a Chilton manual or Haynes.
**I perfer the Chilton** They are $20, and are a great investment.

Simply look your codes up in your Chilton under the Troubleshooting codes section, and go from there.

*****Screw the profession code reader! Use a paper clip****

Good luck.
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 AT 11:29 PM

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