1996 GMC Jimmy



May, 24, 2008 AT 5:04 PM

Interior problem
1996 GMC Jimmy 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 219000 miles

As a common acceptance, I've relented to the fact that these doors are heavy, and have a tendency to sag or drop. I understand that usually, replacing the hinge pins will rememdy the situation, however, in the mean time, I have noticed, that all of a sudden this week, the door latch itself, is remaining in the open position, and after spraying a little lubricant to try and get it to loosen up or release, it is still not working, and the door flies open at a stop or right hand turn. What can I do to quick fix, and what should I do to really fix this issue? Funds are short right now, so, I'm hoping you can offer a self fix that won't break me.
Thanks, Tymesawayston

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May, 25, 2008 AT 9:02 AM

The hinge pin kit costs about 10 dollars. It is a little diffecult to put in but can be done. Open the door half way and check to see what pin is bad. Keep it proped up with some wood. With limmited space remove the exhisting pin. Have someone Watch the door so it does not move. The reinstall the new pin. The kit has a couple of extra parts as they are made for more than one kind of car. Check how it is taken out and the parts that are used. And reinstall.
The door should line up unless the bottom pin is bad too.

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