1995 Geo Prizm how to replace the CV axles and replace the seals

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I have never did much work on axles or cv joints before. Especially on a geo. I pulled the old axles out without a problem. In the process of re-installing them I noticed there were seals on the old axles and not on the new ones. I compared the old seals to new ones that I purchased and it appears that there's only half of a seal on the old axles. I cannot tell if there is still a piece of the old seal in there or not. Also, I had to yank out of the old axles hard just to get them to release from inside the trans. Now how can I tell if I have the splines lined up and do I need to knock the crap out of the new axles to get them to go in? I don't care if I break the new axles, their replaceable. I just don't want to damage the inside of the trans. Then all the money I saved by doing this myself would have been spent on repairing what I've screwed up. Please, any advice is welcome. Thanks.
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You want to replace the seals in the trans. When you replace CV axles.

If there was a small cap on the axle that, when installed, mated to the lip on the axle seals, that is the original Toyota axle, and most reman'ed units do not use them.

Use a long screwdriver and hammer on tripod side notch to tap axle in.

The axle is held in with a small "C" clip that you must compress so axle will be secure. Compressing the clip is done when axle is tapped in.
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