1991 Geo Prizm 91 Prizm, Loads of troubleshooting.

  • 1991 GEO PRIZM
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 170,000 MILES
Bear with me here. Last week, as my girlfriend was heading home in our 1991 Geo Prism (Engine code 6. 4cylinder, automatic transmission), the car simply died out and would not restart. It would crank ONE time, then stop cranking. As the lights would dim WAY down when this happened, I immediately suspected a battery. Sure enough, had the battery tested and it's no good. Fast forward to last night. Got a new battery, installed it. Now the key decides it doesn't want to turn. Replaced ignition switch/key lock cylinder. Key will now turn, and still will not start. Won't even crank. Took battery, starter, alternator all and got tested. All passed. Furthermore, I now have no power to the radio or wipers, and the door/key chime will no longer function, and when I turn my key, the dashboard lights don't come on. Only dashboard light functioning is the "door open" light. Everything appears hooked up correctly, all fuses are good, wipers and radio worked before changing the battery. Vehicle DOES have power to headlights, hazard lamps, and dome light. My two questions are. What should be my next step as far as getting the car to start? And what should I do about the wipers? Don't care about radio or door/key chimes. But wipers are kind of important, once I get it started. Thank you all for your time and assistance.
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Monday, February 23rd, 2009 AT 11:12 AM

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First thing is propably the ign. Switch. It is better to have the original one rebuilt by a locksmith, I have installed new ones (on Prizm's) and it would only start at a certain point in rotation, over-rotate it and it would not start.

Go to junk yard and get the two fuse boxes from a 90-92 Prizm or Corolla. Small one and larger one next to it (in engine compartment, drivers side).

Replace "Engine Main" relay first.

Door chimes and door ajar are activated by door jamb switch.

Check wiper motor for 12V at connector.

But I think your MAIN problem is ign. Switch, if you have old one, take to locksmith and have it rebuilt, cost is usually $120 for a Prizm.
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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 AT 9:01 AM

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