1995 Geo Metro oil pressure

  • 1995 GEO METRO
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 132,000 MILES
1) The oil light comes on when the engine temperature warm at normal on idle. But as soon as you give just a little gas then the oil light will go away. Is this an indication of weak oil pump? 2) Another problem is, the engine block is a 1998 with a 1995 head and everything else. So when I set the timing belt as specified, the engine will not start, it sounded like it didn't have enough compression. I played with it for a while and decided to set the cam socket one tooth prior to the mark and the engine started right up. Want to know what have I done wrong. 3) Third question is, the Hayes manual tells you to put a jumper wire on the lower two slots on the diagnostic port to do your ignition timing check /set up. But I could not find that diagnostic port. Can you please help?
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Hi okiemechanic,

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1. Either the oil pressure is low due to a faulty oil pump or internal leakages or the oil pressure switch could be faulty. Get the oil pressure tested to confirm it is within specs.

2. 95 and 98 have different camshaft timing marks and there are more than one reference marks and was the correct one used? Refer to picture for the correct mark.


1. DTCs can be retrieved using a scan tool connected to Data Link Connector (DLC) or by counting flashes of Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) after grounding either DIAG SW connector in fuse block or diagnostic request terminal in duty check data link connector, located on left side of firewall. See Fig. 1 .

2. To retrieve DTCs using DIAG SW connector in fuse block, remove spare fuse from fuse block and insert into DIAG SW connector terminal. See Fig. 1 . Turn ignition on and observe MIL to read DTCs.

3. To retrieve DTCs using the duty check data link connector, connect jumper wire between duty check data link connector terminals No. 2 and 4. See Fig. 1 . Turn ignition on and observe MIL to read DTCs. If DTCs are stored, DTC will flash 3 times, starting with the lowest DTC.

4. If no DTCs are stored, MIL will flash DTC 12, indicating ECM diagnostic system is operating.


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