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April, 11, 2007 AT 8:09 PM

Can you tell me what the torque values are for a 1995 Windstar 3.8? I have a Haynes manual with a 6 step sequence and torque values listed published in 2001. Is this the most up to date procedure or has it been updated? I remember that a Ford tech once told me that the reason for so many head gasket failures on the 3.8 was that the bolts were stretching and the wrong torque values were used during assembly at the factory. Thanks for any input. Paul Marconi


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April, 12, 2007 AT 5:10 PM

Go to the Ford service desk and ask! They are friendly folks who will tell you. Also ask them about any TSB's Technical Service Bullitens. The answer will give you all the info you need. If the bolt issue is correct, There may be Harder bolts needed!



April, 13, 2007 AT 7:37 AM

I did my 93 3.8, that was 4 steps up to 59, new bolts must always be used due to stretching. Here's out of my Ford book: CAUTION: Always use new cylinder head bolts to ensure a leak-tight assembly. Torque retention with used bolts can vary, which may result in coolant or compression leakage at the cylinder head mating surface area.

4. Install cylinder head bolts (eight each side).

5. Tighten cylinder head retaining bolts in sequence as follows: a. 50 N-m (37 lb-ft)

b. 60 N-m (45 lb-ft)

c. 70 N-m (52 lb-ft)

d. 80 N-m (59 lb-ft)

CAUTION: Do not loosen all of the bolts at the same time, only work on one bolt at a time.

In sequence, retighten bolts one at a time in the following manner: e. Long bolts: Loosen bolt and back out two or three revolutions. Retighten long bolt to 15-25 N-m (11-18 lb-ft). Then tighten bolt an additional 85-95 degrees and go to the next bolt in sequence.

F. Short bolts: Loosen bolt and back out two or three revolutions. Retighten to 10-20 N-m (7-15 lb-ft), then rotate an additional 85-95 degrees. Go to next bolt in sequence.

NOTE: When cylinder head retaining bolts have been tightened using the above procedure, it is not necessary to retighten bolts after extended engine operation. However, bolts can be checked for tightness if desired.

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