1998 Ford Windstar GEM module

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 125,000 MILES
I have a 98 windstar GL. The front and rear wipers have stopped working. If you press the front washer switch, the front wipers do the customary 3 wipes and then park back in the off position. I have checked all the fuses and relays and they are in working order. The washer switches work on both front and back. The diagrams I have show that the wiper motor circuits go thru the GEM module. The washer pump motors do not go through the GEM module. The door ajar lights, window switches and a few other circuits also go through the GEM module also. Everything but the wipers work. Is it possible that the "wiper" portion of the GEM is bad? Also is the GEM located under the steering column next to the center console that houses the radio? Does anyone have a picture of a GEM module?

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Saturday, September 12th, 2009 AT 12:13 PM

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DESCRIPTION & OPERATION All wiper/washer functions are controlled by the multifunction switch and Generic Electronic Module (GEM) located in the instrument panel, between radio and steering column. GEM controls wiper/washer functions through 3 relays. Two relays control wipers and the third relay controls washers. One wiper control relay switches between high (HI) and low (LO) speeds. The other wiper relay switches between run and a dynamic brake (armature short circuit) and is used in interval (INT) mode of operation. Interval delay is controlled by control knob on end of multifunction switch lever. Interval speed is also vehicle speed dependent. Interval delay times decrease as vehicle speed increases.
COMPONENT TESTING FRONT WIPER MOTOR Disconnect front wiper motor harness connector. Apply battery ground to terminal No. 3 (Black wire) on motor. Apply battery voltage to terminal No. 2 (White wire) on motor for low speed operation. For high speed operation apply battery voltage to terminal No. 1 (Dark Blue/Orange wire) on motor. Current draw with wiper linkage disconnected should not exceed 3.5 amps at low speed and 5.5 amps at high speed. MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH CONTINUITY TEST Disconnect multifunction switch. Check for continuity between multifunction switch terminals as specified with switch in indicated position. See MULTIFUNCTION SWITCH CONTINUITY TEST table. See Fig. 3 . Replace switch if continuity is not as specified.




If you can scan it with a Ford enabled scane tool, the "B" code will tell you right down to a defective relay, what the problem is.


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Saturday, September 12th, 2009 AT 12:33 PM

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