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OK I have a 87ish 302 bored and stroked 331in a 70 torino, I'm treating it like a 87ish mustang 302 as for parts. My bracketing for my ac compressor snapped. It wasn't connected anyways so I took it out completely, then I ran into a water pump issue due to the fact that one less pulley was on my system so the water pump would rotate in the wrong direction, so I decided to get an electric water pump and now I'm running into leaking problems with it and cant get it to work due to the fact that the water pump only runs for a few seconds then stops the fuse is fine and the company "Proform" said it must be a short. Anyways. My questions are should I get a reverse mechanical water pump and where can I get one, and where can I get a pulley for it with a 6 rib serpentine groves on it
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Friday, June 25th, 2010 AT 7:56 PM

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First ting is why would you ever want a revesre flow water pump? If it only runs for a few minutes, then you should check it out. The pump should be hooked up to a relay to run properly. If you do it that way then it's going to run directly off of battery power. That should solve your problem. That way you can run lower voltage to your switch and hpefully you aren't using the temp sender to run the water pump. If you want a better style water pump get one for a/c they have different vanes in them. Also if you check around on the web for Mustang parts they have regular serpentine drives that can be used on your application I'm sure. Check in one of the Mustang magazines. The companies that are listed are more than happy to help out with different drives.
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