Antifreeze leak 1993 Tempo

  • 1993 FORD TEMPO
1993 Tempo, 4 cylinder, 144,000 mi. Water pump replaced 6 wks ago by same relative who claimed 3 wks ago that antifreeze backing into overflow, leaking, car overheating was NOT hose leak, that I needed thermostat, which he replaced. Few days ago, I noticed small pools of antifreeze in grooves of different areas under hood, as if it had sprayed. Yesterday, I noticed steady leak. Then while parked, came out of store to find lots of antifreeze all over ground, drivers side only. Car was not overheating except if in heavy slow traffic or long light. Very low paying job which requires car-recently back to work after 3 yr disability from drug dealer with suspended license running stop sign and crashing into my car. So little savings. Is this car history? No money for new one. Widowed grandmother who needs to be able to work and help grandkids with transportation occasionally. Thanks for any help.
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Friday, August 24th, 2007 AT 5:42 AM

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Lets try to solve it. Try to use a digital camera if you can if you can't I'll try to find images so we can talk the same language

With the car off, add water to the radiator, keep adding until leak is seen. Post a pic of the leak or update the post with what area your seeing it.

If leak is not seen, try the engine, quickly ad more water and try to locate the source. DON'T LET IT OVERHEAT.
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Friday, August 24th, 2007 AT 8:06 AM

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