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February, 10, 2007 AT 8:26 PM

OK I have a 1990 Ford Taurus 3.0 V6 OHV front wheel drive, Mileage Appr. 189000, I bought the car about a yr and a half ago, have had hardly no problems with until about 2 weeks ago, my fuel filter went out, it was replaced, and replaced again about a week later, a week ago I started having problems with it starting, It died and wouldnt restart or even jump, have replaced battery, battery cables, map sensor, starter, and fuel pump, It still wont start it turns over it is getting fire, it has good fuel pressure at the filter, but when I try to start it it just wont start, acts like it might be out of gas, but it has 3/4 of a tank, any suggestions would be appreciated, I am a single mom I need my car back up and running.


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February, 11, 2007 AT 7:45 AM

Wow. You have thrown a lot of parts at this problem. Why was the fuel filter replaced twice?

By any chance where the codes read prior to it not srarting? If so what where they?

Some quick questions That should point you in the right dirrection.
Stong ar weak spark at all six plugs?
Are the plugs dry, fuel soaked or oil soaked?
Does the rotor (inside the distributor)turn while trying to start the engine?
What is fuel pressure at the fuel rail?
Post back with results or ask your mechanic to check these first.

Below is a more detailed list of potential problems.

In order for an engine to run you need 5 things.
Ignition source (spark)
Fuel (proper amount)
Air (proper temperature and amount)
Timing (All 4 of the above must occur at the proper time)

Did you check for spark at each plug?
Where the plugs dry, fuel soaked, or oil soaked?
What is the condition of the cap, rotor and wires?
Nice fat blue spark or skinny yellow spark?

You need to check for pressure at the fuel injector rail.
Check the injector circuit for a fuse and test it.
Test the fuel pressure regulator. Make sure the vacuum lines are good, connected and have vacuum.
Are the injectors firing?
Are the fuel lines crushed or leaking?
Is the engine coolant temp sensor connected and functioning properly? (Feeds computer info that affects air fuel mixture)

Is the air cleaner serviceable?
Is the throttle body clean, tight and working?
Is the idle air control valve clean and functioning?
Is the mass air flow sensor clean and functioning?
Is the air temp sensor connected and working properly?

Have a compression test done.

Check ignition timing.
Check valve timing (Timing belt ever replaced).

Goiod luck and let us know. : )



February, 11, 2007 AT 8:16 AM

OK here we go, 2 Fuel filters replaced due to alot of rust when I bought some bad gas, I have not had a diagnostic done I don't have a machine and do most of the work on my car myself,
Strong spark on all six plugs and on the coil wire, not sure of color of spark had help while checking that.
All plugs are dry good condition gap is correct.
Rotor does turn when trying to start.
Est PSI is about 36 to 40 but just est. Old fashion test at the filter good strong stream, can't hold pressure on end of line will push finger away.

Yes there have been alot of parts replaced, The When it originally wouldnt start it acted like a dead battery, so that was replaced along with the battery cables which needed it,

after replacing the battery and cables, It still wouldnt start just made 1 click and then nothing,

Replaced starter, at this point it would start but would not stay running, kept acting like it wasn't getting gas,

Replaced MAF sensor, suggested by the person helping me with it, still wouldnt stay running,

Fuel pump replaced now wont start again. Turns over good strong try, but won't start.



February, 11, 2007 AT 9:48 AM

Just talked to a Mechanic friend, we didnt bleed the fuel line and it is a pressurized fuel system, so first step this morning is going to be that and see if that helps. : Oops: With any luck my car will be running soon. Thanks to all.



February, 11, 2007 AT 11:36 AM

If the plugs are dry please check fuel at the rail. You will do this to bleed it anyway at the schraeder valve on the injector rail. I b thinking either a resriction in the line (crud or crushed line), plugged injectors (not to likely for all 6), or a bad fuel pressure regulator. Don't overlook the fuses if the injectors are not firing.

Bad gas? Hmmm?
Might try some starting fluid into the throttle body for fun and giggles. Have an extinguisher handy.

Did you read the link " Car Repair by Symptom" in blue box on the left?


Hopefully just a bleed will work. Run a couple tanks of petrol with fuel injector cleaner once you get started again. I like chevron with techron.
Good luck. :)

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