Ford Taurus


dan guszregan

April, 16, 2006 AT 8:23 PM

1996 Ford Taurus LX, 3.0 liter engine, 121k miles.

The car intermittently high idles up to 1800 rpm. Sometimes when stopping at intersections the idle is so high that the car will sit there and downshift the transmission. There is no " check engine" light coming on. Approximately a year ago I was having this problem and a mechanic said to replace and I had the IAC and TPS replaced along with having the throttle body cleaned. This helped for a while but now the problem is back and seems to be more frequent. Could this be a MAF problem and not be sending a code to the processor? I read the other Ford questions and did not find this particular problem listed.

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April, 16, 2006 AT 8:27 PM

99% of Ford high idles are caused by a vacuum leak. The brake booster is a common source. Find a mechanic with a smoke machine and he can easily find the leak. Good luck

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