2003 Ford Taurus trans repair info!

  • 2003 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 99,000 MILES
I have 2003 taurus and the trans will not shift into gear.I talked to the trans shop and they told me the torque converter or the pump are bad, and if it is the torque converter it is easy to fix, but if the pump went as long as there are no metal shavings in the fluid it is ok and the pump should just need to be changed, I was just wondering is this a big job or what does this invlove, I am gijng to fix this my self
but if it is to much work I might just take it in, but
dont know I have never took the trans out of a front wheel drive car, and do you have some info on what do I have to take apart to pull the trans out.I heard the sub frame needs to be removed. Any info would be great. Thanks
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1. Remove the battery.
2. Disconnect the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor and the breather tubes.
3. Remove the engine air cleaner.
4. Remove the air filter assembly.
5. Remove the battery tray.
6. Disconnect the connectors.
7. Disconnect the connector.
8. Remove the power steering line bracket. See Fig. 7. 9. Remove the electrical connector bracket. See Fig. 8. 10. Disconnect the power steering and Output Shaft Speed (OSS) sensor connectors.
11. Disconnect the Turbine Shaft Speed (TSS) sensor connector. See Fig. 10. 12. Remove the manual control lever cable as follows: A. Remove the nut. B. Remove the shift actuator cable fitting from the shift cable and bracket.
13. Remove the ground cable and bracket.
14. Remove the cooler line retaining clips.
15. Depress the tabs on the plastic insert retainer and remove the cooler lines from the fitting.
16. Remove the bolts.
17. Install the engine support tools. 18. Install the engine lifting bracket on the right hand (back) side of the engine.
19. Install the engine lifting bracket on the left hand (front) side of the engine.
20. Raise the vehicle. Drain the transaxle fluid by lowering the transaxle pan.
CAUTION:If the steering gear is removed with the subframe, DO NOT allow the steering wheel to rotate while the steering column intermediate shaft is disconnected or damage to the air bag clockspring can result. If there is evidence that the shaft has rotated, the clockspring must be re-centered before the vehicle is driven.
21. Remove the subframe assembly. 22. The use of mechanic's wire will aid in positioning the half shaft out of the way. 23. Using Slide Hammer (100-001) and Half Shaft Remover (205-241), remove the LH and RH half

shaft from the transaxle and position out of the way.
24. Remove the starter motor. 25. Remove the transaxle housing cover.
26. Remove and discard the 4 torque converter to flexplate nuts.
27. Position the high lift transaxle jack under the transaxle.
28. Remove the 2 transaxle retaining bolts. See
29. Remove the bolts..
30Lower the transaxle assembly from the engine compartment.
31. Remove the rear engine support bracket. . A. Remove the bolts. B. Remove the support bracket.
32. Remove the bracket. See
33. Carry out transaxle fluid cooler backflushing and cleaning.
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