Power steering pump replacement

  • 1994 FORD TAURUS
  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 69,153 MILES
I had the serpentine belt burn off on my 94 Taurus wagon. I replaced it and the power steering pump was making terrible noises internally. I think it seized and burned the belt off. The fluid level was fine. I drove it ok for a little while (10 miles) then, after re-starting the car and turning the wheel it stalled, and then had no power steering. I believe the pump is bad. Is this pump replacement something I can do on my own and is the car safe to drive to the parts store about 5 miles away?
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Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Loosen the idler pulley, then remove the power steering belt.


For vehicles through 1993 remove the pulleys from the hub as follows:
A.Remove the radiator overflow bottle in order to gain access to the 3 screws/bolts attaching the pulleys to the pulley hub.
B.Matchmark both pulley-to-hub positions with a grease pencil or dot of paint for installation purposes.
C.Remove the bolts and pulleys from the pulley hub.

For 1994-95 vehicles remove the pulley from the hub using Steering Pump Pulley Remover T69L-10300-B or equivalent.
Position a drain pan under the pump, then remove the return line from the pump. Be prepared to catch any spilled fluid in a suitable container.
Back off the pressure line attaching nut completely. The line will separate from the pump connection when the pump is removed.
Remove the three pump mounting bolts, then remove the pump.

To install:

Install the pump on the mounting bracket. Guide the pressure hose into the pump outlet fitting while installing the pump.
Install the pressure and return lines to the pump.
For vehicles through 1993, install the pulley on the hub as follows:
A.Install the pulleys on the hub, aligning the marks made during removal.
B.Install the three bolts, then tighten to 15-24 ft. lbs. (21-32 Nm).
C.Install the radiator overflow bottle.

For 1994-95 vehicles, install the pulley on the hub using Steering Pump Pulley Replacer T65P-3A733-C or equivalent. The small diameter threads must be fully engaged in the pump shaft before pressing on the pulley. Screw the tool into the threads in the end of the pump shaft. Hold the small nut on the end of the tool, then turn the large nut to install the pulley on the shaft. Install the pulley face flush with the pump shaft or within 0.010 in. (0.25mm).
Install the power steering belt.
Connect the negative battery cable. Fill with the proper type of fluid and check for proper operation.
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