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Electrical problem
1987 Ford Taurus 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic

87 Taurus stored in basement on jacks with trikle charger. 93,000 miles. Started immediately today.I turned it off and when I tried to start later it would not. The shop manual led me to the starter relay/solenoid test. Can jump the relay to positive battery and it starts. Shop manual says that indicates neutral switch or ignition switch. Where is the neutral switch located?

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 AT 1:18 PM

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Column Shift
Most vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission and a column shift do not use a neutral start switch.
Taurus & Sable do however.
The ignition switch mechanism in steering column is designed so that ignition switch may be turned to start position only when selector lever is in Neutral or Park positions.
Switch is blocked from start position in all other selector lever positions.

Floor Shift (Transmission Mounted Switch)
With transmission shift linkage properly adjusted, loosen the 2 switch attaching bolts.
Place transmission manual lever in Neutral position, then rotate switch and insert a gauge pin (No. 43 drill shank) into gauge pin holes of switch.
Gauge pin must be inserted to a full depth of 15/32" into the 3 holes of the switch. Tighten switch attaching bolts and remove gauge pin.
Check operation of switch. Engine should start in Neutral and Park positions only.
With transmission shift linkage adjusted and engine off, place selector lever in Neutral position. Remove selector lever handle, dial housing, and pointer back-up shield.
Loosen the 2 screws securing neutral start switch to selector lever housing. Place selector lever in Park position and hold it against the forward stop.
Move neutral switch rearward to end of its travel. Hold switch in rearward position and tighten the 2 attaching screws. Check operation of switch. Engine should start in Neutral and Park positions only.


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