1997 Ford Probe



December, 8, 2006 AT 1:33 AM

I have a 97 Ford Probe with 80,000 miles, that has been giving me problems. I live in Indiana and we usually have pretty cold winters which is when my car starts to act up.
I went out to start it on Saturday and it wouldn't start at all, it would just crank. We jumped it and immediately it started and ran fine. I took it to Battery Masters where they said my battery wasn't keeping a charge and replaced it. I thought it was strange because when my car was on, it said my battery was normal. They also said when they replaced the battery my car acted like it didn't want to run at all.

I drove it home and could not get any power at all. I literally had to floor it to get it to even go. When I got home, I turned it off and turned it back on. It started up but died immediately.

On Tuesday, I went out and started it and it started fine, drove fine, everything was perfect!

On Wednesday, I went out to start it and it started fine but as soon as I started to drive it, I noticed it wasn't getting any power again. When I'd stop, it'd act like it was going to die, so I would throw it in neutral and give it gas, which seemed to work alright.
Still. It would barely get any power and just did not want to go. I had to floor it the whole time to get it to go anywhere and then it started to jerk really bad.

I took it to our mechanic to have it looked at, only to be told that they are booked for the next week. So I made an appointment and went out to start my car and leave but it kept dying. It would start up fine but die soon after.

I am thinking it's the alternator but I'm not sure since it says the battery is normal. Unless that gauge is broken but it seemed to be working before.

Any ideas?


2 Answers



December, 8, 2006 AT 1:42 AM

If the battery is the reason the car is dying, you will notice the lights and guages etc. Will dim prior to it dying. Have you had the vehicle scanned for trouble codes?



December, 8, 2006 AT 1:46 AM

I had it scanned about 2 months ago when it would randomly die on me. I was told that nothing was wrong.

When I first went out to start it and it wouldn't start but it would crank, the dome light and radio were on but were very dim. As soon as I turned my headlights on they would die. But that is before I had the battery replaced.
Now that the battery is replaced, the lights and radio come on just fine and do not dim/weaken before it dies.

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