1995 Ford Probe rightside CV joint

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Suspension problem
1995 Ford Probe 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 130000 miles

removing cv joint from the rightside and was having problems removing. Its stuck and I have all the rotor, brakes and bottom shock bolts out for more room. I went and got a slide hammer to help. Still not breaking loose. Do I need to take the bolts out. There are 3 in a triangle that fastens to the motor. Its a manual trans Need your help. John

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009 AT 5:28 PM

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CAUTION:DO NOT reuse axle nuts, hub nut retainers, circlips, snap rings, or lower ball joint pinch bolt and nut.

Removal (Probe)
Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Carefully raise staked portion of axle nut. Apply brakes, and loosen but DO NOT remove axle nut. Remove stabilizer bar-to-control arm nut, spacer and bolt.
Remove lower control arm ball joint clamp bolt. Pry downward on lower control arm to separate control arm from knuckle. Remove knuckle-to-strut attaching bolts. Slide knuckle assembly off axle shaft, and wire aside.
NOTE:If removing right drive axle, unbolt dynamic damper from engine block.

Insert a pry bar between the transaxle case and the axle flange. Carefully apply force to pry bar until axle circlip is disengaged. DO NOT pull axle all the way out of transaxle or seal may be damaged.
Carefully withdraw axle assembly from transaxle, and quickly install Transaxle Plug (T88C-7025-AH ). Remove and discard axle nut. Pull axle from hub.
Installation (Probe)
Install a new circlip on transaxle end of left axle. Replace oil seal (if necessary). Remove transaxle plug, and carefully install axle into transaxle. Ensure circlip snaps into retaining groove.
Install axle into hub. Install new axle nut. Tighten all bolts and nuts to specifications. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table. Stake new axle nut with blunt nose chisel. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.

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Thursday, February 26th, 2009 AT 8:37 PM

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