2003 Ford Focus



April, 5, 2007 AT 8:29 AM

After letting my car sit around 14 hours I would want to go to the store. I would turn my key, no ignition or turn over, the click noise would begin and after letting it click a while it would stop. My cars battery is low, but when I jump start the car it starts without fail. When hooked to the computer there are no codes, and supposedly everything checks out fine although I wouldn't be able to tell you that firsthand. Please help me as the dealership I took my car to after 4 different visits and two overnight ones to see if the car would " repeat the problem" my warranty goes out in 6000 miles, I just think the dealership is trying to screw me! Engine size is a 2 cylinder. Also myy car has never stalled while driving, this issue is only with getting it to start

and 69000 miles too


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April, 5, 2007 AT 9:40 AM

You may have several reason for the battery dying. It could be you simple left something on (If it only happened once) and that drained the battery or there may be a short that is putting a drain on the battery. I don't know what the dealership told you or did so I will start at the basics. The battery make be on its way out but I would test it or have it tested. Some of the big chain stores like Sears autozone etc, will test the battery for free. If you feel like you want to test it you can run some test, but not as reliable as what the shops do. Using a voltmeter attach it to the battery and have and assistant observe the meter while starting the car. The voltage should not drop below 9 volts when cranking the car. If it does then the battery is no good. With the meter still connected to the batery run the car and observe the voltage reading. Voltage with the car running should range between 13.5 and 15. Volts. Turn on lights fan etc and obsevere the voltage. Again it should not go below 13.5 but will drop alittle but should remain in range. Last thing to check for is a short. Make sure everything is OFF. If the car has a hood light remove the bulb or disconnect it. Disconnect the postive cable from the battery and connect a 12volt test lamp between the postive battery cable and the positive on the battery. If you get a bright light you have a short but a dim or no light is normal because the computer draws a small amount of current.
Good luck : )



April, 5, 2007 AT 10:24 AM

I have already replaced the battery, and have had one mechanic tell me it's the alternator and the dealership tell me it's a short.

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