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2003 Ford Focus

how to replace an alternator in the zx5

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 AT 7:52 PM

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Removal and Installation (2.0L Zetec-E)
1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Protect generator with lint-free material to prevent contamination. Remove the fuel pressure sensor. Remove accessory drive belt. 2. Remove bolt securing coolant overflow bottle. Remove coolant overflow bottle, and position aside. Remove power steering reservoir, and engine wiring harness bracket, and position aside. Disconnect ground strap near right front shock tower. See Fig. 3. 3. Remove evaporative emission canister purge valve, and position aside. See Fig. 4. Disconnect the cylinder head temperature sensor electrical connector. See Fig. 5. Disconnect the ground cable on engine lifting eye and remove the engine lifting eye. 4. Remove ground cable on frame rail at right side of engine. See Fig. 6. Mark the position of the engine mounting. Remove front engine mounting retaining bolts. See Fig. 7. Slide engine towards front of vehicle and reinstall one of the retaining bolts into rear bolt hole to prevent engine moving backwards. See Fig. 8. 5. Disconnect electrical connectors from generator. Lower retaining bolt must be fully disengaged from the bracket although it is not possible to remove the bolt at this stage. Unscrew 2 generator mounting bolts and remove generator from vehicle. 6. To aid in installation, slide back the generator locking sleeves. See Fig. 9. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten fasteners to specification.

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