1990 Ford Festiva



May, 26, 2008 AT 3:25 PM

Brakes problem
1990 Ford Festiva 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 190000 miles

What would cause break seizing? My husband has a 1990 festiva. It had sat for about a year while he was a way. For three days now, after running and driving it, in the mornings after he has driven some miles, the brakes seize up. The pedal gets locked in the up position. He pulls over and lets it sit and then it unfreezes and he has no further problems for the day. But as I said three days in a row, after sitting overnight, then driving for a bout 10 miles, it seizes.
Any ideas?


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May, 26, 2008 AT 3:28 PM

Have him change the fluid, it's old and dirty, clean the bottom of the master with a rag, but try to leave fluid in the bore, then fill with clean DOT 3 brake fluid and bleed all wheels until clean fluid comes out. Don't let the master run dry!

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