1988 Ford Festiva



October, 15, 2009 AT 12:19 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
1988 Ford Festiva 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 102000 miles

Car had been sitting for 2 years. My problems are the engine rpms go from idle to a high rpm when the cooling fan kicks in or you turn on the heater switch at setting 2 or higher. Also have a rough idle. Also the lifters are noisy how do you adjust them. I have replaced the spark plugs, Dist. Cap, rotor, 02 sensor, fuel filter, and timing belt if possible let me know how to align the timming marks in case I am off a little. Starts real well but have a pre ignition after you turn the car off.

1.3liter 2bbl

Thank You


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October, 16, 2009 AT 10:14 AM

Ok first off the vavle adjustment. You need to remove the valve cover and then you turn the engine over by hand and get cylinder 1 at tdc so that both valves are closed and then you use a feeler guage and check gap shoud be about .012 warm or .015 cold. Do this with each cylinder. Now as for the timing marks look at pic below. Now as for the idle problems that has to do with the throttle kicker which kicks up the throttle whenever a load it put on the engine. Like turning the wheel or turning on the A/C or heater or engine fan comes on etc. Now if you unplug the stepper motor then it shouldn't do this. Now if that stops it then the stepper motor is out of adjustment. So turn on the heater or something and turn the nut till the idle is normal.

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