2004 Ford Falcon Diagnositic OBD scanner Actron CP9190

  • 2004 FORD FALCON
Electrical problem
2004 Ford Falcon V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100K miles

Hi Guys,
I am a newbie to this but after the the experience I just had with repairers. The fact that I ended up telling them what the problem was after researching sites such as this one. (2CarPros has to be one of the best out there). I have decided to purchase some testing equipment.

I just want to confirm that the Actron CP9190 is suitable for the Ford Falcon BA 2004 RTV 5.4 3V V8 with 4 speed selectronic? Tranmission I also want to use it on the 4.0 I6 LPG and Petrol versions.

Are the Australian models listed in its menu selection lists or is it nessessary to substitute other models?

Would also like to purchase compression tester suitable for the 16mm plug size used by the Ford 5.4 3V.
Any other items you could advise me as being a useful addition to the Scanner CP9190 for diagnostics.

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have the same problem?
Friday, October 9th, 2009 AT 11:06 PM

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OBD II is OBDII and all manufacturers use the same codes. I'm sure if you read the instructions or contact Aactron they could answer all your questions about their machine. Besides a compression tester a vacuum guage as well as a digital volt ohmeter are very usefull especially testing sensors and computers. YOu can pick these items up fairly cheap and alot of them are good, like Radio shack/craftsman, etc.
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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 AT 12:05 PM

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