1968 Ford Fairlane Possible corrosion (cooling temperature

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 252,525 MILES
Hi Ya! My modified 68 fairlane 500 bored 30 over 460 engine (new block) ford 9 inch narrowed rear end, 2800 stall, special holly carb made for this engine as it was just blue printed and balanced with many modified racing parts, Is way over heating. The main point I am concerned with is > 'Before I start! *The radiator is a aluminium & Has a sticker on it Reading > IMPORTANT Use only OEM approved coolant for this radiator. Unfortunatly, I did not notice this and used a brand I picked up at the local gas station. EEK`s ! Well I just bought this car a year ago and start it twice monthly as I was fixing some pieces - mostly ball joints, and arms, and a few other minor things (lights, blinkers, horn, tail pipes, camber aligniment, and sealed two things at rear of car > One was repair oil leak on rear end as oil was leaking from wheel section, think it was a seal. Also had both fender wells closed using welding and a some strips of metal as they were cut open to fit wider tires. $500 a fender well. This was a drag strip car) Hmm > Bit costly as I went to repair shop. *OK Now Certified! Well I drove it no more than a mile from repair shop, to a gas station as I am at almost empty next to my place & the temperature gauge was at end Hot hot! I waited there for a couple of hours to for engine to cool. I turned key to allternater on, so radiator fans would speed up cooling (Lot`s of Honking cars in that gas lane) "Move it Buddy^ He he! It wouldn`t start. OH forgot to mention, the repair shop did not have the proper type of camber equipment or machine to camber align front wheels, so I stopped off at a different garge that had the correct camber machine albe to align my 1968 ford. $198 bucks *(Oh well Must be done) This place was called Canadian Tire. I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada, So you might not be familar to this Hardware and auto service & repair store. It`s a big Outfit Like Sears, Walmart only strictly Hardware and auto etc. OK - So my *Question is: I am curious - concerned, Is it possible that the coolant may have done some type of damage or corrosion to the aluminium radiator or engine and/ or could it have solidified and could there be bits of debris clogging the circurlation -plumbing and / or any other parts of engine. `Perhaps this type coolant over heats or under heats in a aluminium radiator > Different than if I had used the proper OEM approverd coolant recommended for this radiator. I will post a picture of my car definatly before this spring for interests sake and let you know what was wrong. I posted a question almost a year ago about having to pump and hold gas pedal down aways, almost floor for 1/2 minute or more and ease off slowly for it to idle other wise it dies. WELL - I appreciate any advice and / or solutions, and precautions or dangers to engine or other ( If needed is there a flushing out of possible debris in engine plumbing where coolant has been * AND Can you recommend anything that will best benefit this overheating etc. Thank you very much as I am willing to make a donation in the near future. I most likely will inquire about the starting and quite possible have more questions in the future as this will be my first muscle car and am not sure if I choose to store it in garage in (winter storage Tips) as I can`t wait to drive it Hmm! There is other things that may arise and I like to do some other things like attach a hood scoop where there ids a fair size hole in front hood from past drag racing scoop, Need like 1968 wheather lining or place that does customizing or very close fit! Around side windows maybe other spots etc. There is a roll bar in rear and no back seats, Need inerior on roof as it justs bear metal and few other spots, most everthing else is there. Theres some wires hanging out at dash board area, Oh My heater doesn`t work and power windows are at brink or need adjusting or some attention, as when I first bought car, they worked perfect, but recently stopped, the main button pannel is dangling and plugs some time come out, so they need looking at. * So I will keep you updated and won`t forget a donation after I use or put your answer to some kind of use and really want this car to be fit as possible. Thank you again Richard Toronto, Canada >>`Toronto Maple Leafs to > semi finals this Year Go Go!````100% Congrates to Chicago"Cheers!
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First thing-try not to ramble like you did here this time. As far as your coolant, check your thermostat, especially since you said it overheated in a mile. I't probably bad and stuck closed. You can run without it if you like. As far as approved coolant there are two different types, ethylene glycol and dexcool. On eis green and the other red. You shouldn't have any corrosion problem using either. If you knew your compression ratio may be one reason for running hot. You may need to run the fans all the time to keep it cool. Of course you could have a radiator problem as well. Also look at your lower radiator hose and give the engine a quick rev. If you see the radiator hose collapse then either get a different hose or put a spring inside the one you have to keep it from doing that.
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