Converting a F350 two wheel drive to four wheel drive

  • 1935 FORD F-350
How hard is it to convert this truck to four wheel drive?
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Friday, March 17th, 2006 AT 5:02 PM

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I am in the process of converting my 1993 F-350 crew cab with dually into 4WD. I was able to find a truck just like mine (only it is a 1988) but in the 4WD version. The diesel motor was toast but everything else is good. I am doing it in two stages. The first stage is the suspension and the second is the transmission and transfer-case.
I had to pull all of the suspension off the old truck and taking the rivets out was a pain in the butt(I used a reciprocating saw and a punch). It took a few hours and I was alone. Next I took all of the 2WD stuff off of the other truck which was the same process. You will have to drill new holes to attach the brackets for the 4WD suspension. I used grade eight bolts and nylon locking nuts. For the front shackles you will have to put a spacer inside the frame. I also strongly suggest reinforcing the frame where the shackle bolt goes through the frame. The bracket for the shackle uses the holes for the front body mount and then you will have to drill three more. I strongly suggest taking lots of pictures of the suspension of the 4WD so you can see how it fits together. Make sure you get the axle lined up with the rear. I was able to take mine to the alignment shop and it was in good shape.
The transmission needs to be replaced (at least the 5 speed) to fit a transfer-case. That is why I suggest to get a donor truck. Try to get a truck that is close to what you have to make life easier. I found the conversion to be fairly easy, just time consuming but I was using bottle jacks and laying in dirt. I did not have fancy tools or facilities so it make for some dirty days. It is not as hard as most people think as long as you have some automotive know how. Well I wish you good luck on your project and do not get to intimidated by the project, just stay ambitious. :D
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Sunday, July 15th, 2007 AT 10:47 PM

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