2003 Ford F350 Charging Problem

  • 2003 FORD F-350
Electrical problem
2003 Ford F350 V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic

)3 f350 w/ 5.4 not charging. Alternator is ok. Truck starts, runs, and drives off the battery, but all gages are reading zero. Is ther a fuse or relay for the charging system?

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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 AT 5:49 AM

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Is none of the gauges working? Or is the battery light on/off?

Principles of Operation
The instrument cluster is a configurable, hybrid electronic cluster (HEC) that contains a microprocessor, gauges, indicator lamps, backlighting lamps and internal circuitry. The instrument cluster is non-repairable at the dealership level with the exception of the warning indicator bulb, the backlighting bulb and the instrument cluster lens replacement. The instrument cluster utilizes hardwired circuitry, the standard corporate protocol (SCP), and UART based protocol (UBP) communication networks. Communication using the SCP network transmits and receives data between the instrument cluster and the PCM. Communication using the UBP network utilizes data transmitted and received by the instrument cluster and the body security module, driver seat module and the electronic air temperature control (EATC).
It is very important to understand:
where the input originates from.
All the information necessary in order for a feature to operate.
Which module(s) receive(s) the input or command message.
Whether the module which received the input controls the output of the feature, or whether it outputs a message over the SCP or UBP network to another module.
Which module controls the output of the feature.
The instrument cluster carries out a display prove-out to verify that the warning/indicator lamps and monitored systems are operating correctly. When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position with the engine off, the following indicators will illuminate:
LOW RANGE indicator
4x4 high indicator
BRAKE warning indicator
malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) indicator
check fuel cap indicator
CHECK GAGE warning indicator
door ajar indicator
low fuel warning indicator
safety belt warning indicator
wait to start indicator
water in fuel indicator
Gauge Indication Systems
The instrument cluster and gauges are non-repairable at the dealership level. No adjustment, calibration, or maintenance is required for any gauges.
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 AT 6:23 AM

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