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I have a 96 Ford Probe, 4 cyl. It has lost oil pressure. When it first starts, it has a small amount of pressure, then goes completely flat. It has oil, a new filter (less than 1500 miles since I changed the oil). Oil pick up or oil pump? I cant seem to find anything else. No leaks, doesnt smoke. Runs fine, except it looses the pressure within 90 secs. Of start up. I do not want to start it anymore until I have an idea of what it is. The rods start "hammering" as soon as the pressure goes away. Thanks for any help or opinions.

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006 AT 9:03 AM

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The first thing to do is always check the oil level and check for leaks. After that, does the engine make a ticking sound or does it make a loud knocking noise. If the noise is very loud it could be that the oil pump is failing or that the clearances in the engine bearings are to much and the bearings are shot. I rebuilt a 2.0 out of a Probe and engine bearings are the hardest parts to find. If it is a ticking noise it means that oil is not getting to the valvetrain. You could try dropping the oil pan and cleaning out the oil pick up tube and even replace the gasket where it meets the lower reinforcement section. It could be sucking air which would drop the oil pressure.

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006 AT 2:40 PM

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