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I have a 1989 E-150 CONVERSHEN VAN

I hope some one can tell me wheir the heat contol valve

is located, so that I can trurn it back on so that we

have good heat again. My new wife has had the van

since it was new, but her x refuses to tell her wheir it is located

and the end result being, we have very little heat as a result.

So I hope some one can help me with this.

THANKS Ronbo ! : Roll: : roll: : roll: : roll: : roll: : roll: : roll: : roll:

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 AT 12:34 PM

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Heater control valve for ford e-150 van is under the passenger side dashboard. If you move the lever on the control panel while feeling under the dashboard you should feel the valve move. It took me forever to figure this out, I changed thermostats and hoses, finally figured this out the hard way. Brian[/b]

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Wednesday, January 25th, 2006 AT 8:49 PM

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