Broken headers

5.0 302
  • FORD F-150

How hard is it to remove a header on the right side of a f150 94 302 5.0 if your siting in the drivers seat and reinstall it is this a job I can do at home I have the tools headers and gaskets and some basic mechanical skills doityourselfer or do I need to lift it I have only a jack and a ramp set do you think I can do this myself with a friend please tell me step by step how you whould do it thank you

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Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 AT 1:00 AM

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Headers are not hared things to deal with but, aggrevation and ALOT of cursing will be present. You can do it your self with a ramp and a jack. Put the side of the car you want to remove the header from up on the ramp. Unbolt the motor mounts and find a SAFE way to take up the slack between the jack and the motor(4x4 block seems to work pretty well). Find a good spot on the motor that will act as a jacking spot(not oil pan or bolted on motor pieces!). Take the bolts out of the header and unhook the catalytic converter flange. Jack the motor up as far as you can get it (watching the distributer making sure you dont bend it when it gets close to the firewall). Now comes the cursin' and swearin'!Remove the header through the bottom of the car side. Put back in the same way. Good Luck make sure you have one good day to do this, it may take a while! :Twisted: P.S. My fav friend when doing this is a 12 pack!

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Sunday, May 21st, 2006 AT 4:37 PM

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