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2010 Ford F-150

I am doing a school project on Ford Dealerships and I was wondering if you could provide me with some information about the following: I need to know the routing of the vehicle from the time it is dropped off till the customer receives it back from being repaired, how the vehicle is protected from damage and how the repair order is filled out. The last thing I need to know is how the repair order is dispatched. Your help will be greatly appreciated
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You're asking a question that is done differently in basically every shop. If you are refering to a repair, there is a counter person that receives the vehicle information, problem. From that point, a work order is written and is set out for the shop supervisor. It is his responsibility to make sure the vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible. He selects a technician, the vehicle is brought in, and then the repairs are done. As far as protecting the vehicle, it is kept in the parking lot until he / she is available, and then it is carefully repaired. If damages occur, the shop is responsible for making the necessary repairs. When the work is complete, the shop charges a flat rate for labor (a number of hours for each repair) and the parts needed. That is then reviewed with the customer by the service writer, the bill is paid, and the customer leaves.

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