2002 Ford F-150 Clutch problem

  • 2002 FORD F-150
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 53,000 MILES
Origininal problem occurred 4 months ago. Without warning, I was unable to disengage. I had to start the engine in gear to get to the dealer. Diagnosis was a bad slave cylinder. Slave cylinder, Pads, Pressure plate and throwout bearing were all replaced and the flywheel re-surfaced. $1250 later I'm on the road again. After a week, I started noticing a shudder in the clutch when engaging. It became violent if I didn't quickly disengage. Engagement was smooth and ok if the truck was moving. Engaging from a dead stop, especially going up a hill, forward or backward was nearly impossible--severe shuddering. I took it back to the dealer. They, under their repair warrenty, took it all down again and decided that it was a bad flywheel resurfacing job and they supposedly resurfaced the flywheel a second time. All was reassembled and returned to me at no charge, Now 2 months later, I'm right back where I was after the first repair. All the problems I encountered after the first repair job are evident again. Problem is worse after engine warms up. Cold, the cluth engages properly. When the shuddering problem occurs and I punch the clutch pedal to disengage, there is a metallic clunk at the moment of disengagement. (Throwout bearing?)
Got any ideas? The shudder is a pulsing feeling as if the clutch pads are "grabbing". If this makes any sense, it feels like the feeling in your brake pedal with a warped rotor when you hit the brakes. This clutch problem is definitely worse after driving the truck a few minutes. The shudder is always there, but is barely noticible when cold but increases drastically when it is warmed up. I"m 67 years old and have driven manual transmisssions my whole life. This clutch has not been abused in any way. I really need to have some idea as to what is probably going on, as I cannot at this time spend any more money due to layoff at my day job 3 weeks ago. If it is something else OTHER than what the dealer replaced, then I'm gonna have to pay for it. What do you think is going on. If you need any further info or have a question please contact me. If you have unlimited long distance phone service, I'm at 479-790-1197 (24/7) or email me at price41@swbell. Net

Thanks for your response----best regards Daryl Price
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 AT 1:38 PM

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These are the possibilities, have Ford shop check them ALL: CLUTCHES - F250-F550 SUPER DUTY PICKUPS -2002 Ford Pickup F150
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1. Inspect all engine and transmission mounts for looseness or damage. Are any of the engine or transmission mounts loose or damaged? If so, tighten or install NEW engine or transmission mounts. Test the system for normal operation. If not, go to next step. 2. Remove the pressure plate. See CLUTCH ASSEMBLY under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Inspect the pressure plate for damage. Are any signs of damage present on the pressure plate? If so, install a NEW pressure plate. Test system for normal operation. If not, go to next step. 3. Inspect clutch disc for damage or wear. Is the clutch disc okay? If so, go to next step. If not, install a NEW clutch disc. Test the system for normal operation. 4. Remove and inspect the flywheel for damage and runout. See FLYWHEEL under REMOVAL & INSTALLATION. Is the flywheel okay? If so, go to next step. If not, tighten, resurface or install a NEW flywheel as necessary. Test the system for normal operation. 5. Inspect the input shaft for signs of wear or damage. Are any signs of wear or damage present on the input shaft? If so, install a NEW input shaft. See appropriate OVERHAUL article in MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS. If not, go to next step. 6. Inspect the pilot bearing and input shaft end for wear or damage. Are there any signs of wear or damage? If so, install a NEW pilot bearing and an input shaft as necessary. If not, verify the customer concern. See SYMPTOM DIAGNOSIS (F150) table under SYMPTOM DIAGNOSIS. Last, if there is any grease or oil on the surfaces, this can also cause the shudder.

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