1996 Ford F-150



January, 30, 2009 AT 2:45 PM

Brakes problem
1996 Ford F150 Two Wheel Drive Manual 120000 miles

Our truck started flashing a yellow warning light this morning. It is flashing 16 times then pausing before it begins another 16 flash cycle. I assume this is a code to let us know what the problem is. Do you know what it is telling us? Thanks so much

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Dave H

January, 30, 2009 AT 2:59 PM

Your test connector must have grounded out somehow. Check the wiring. A code 16 is system operating normally !

Turn ignition on, with engine off. Locate Black RABS test connector. See COMPONENT LOCATIONS. Connector has 2 mating halves. One has a Black/Orange wire; other has a Red wire. Disconnect connector. Connect jumper wire to connector terminal with Black/Orange wire. Ground other end of jumper wire for at least one second. When ground circuit is completed and then broken, Yellow REAR ANTI-LOCK warning light will flash trouble code.
Code will repeat until ignition is turned off. Code consists of a number of short flashes followed by one long flash. Count each flash, short and long, to determine code number. For example: short, short, long, is Code 3. Perform appropriate code test after retrieving code. A Code 16 indicates system is operating properly

RABS Test Connector. Below Bottom Right Corner Of Glove Box

To clear trouble codes stored in Keep Alive Memory (KAM), turn ignition off, while RABS test connector halves Black/Orange wire and Red wire are separated. Reconnect RABS test connector to provide power to KAM.

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