1996 Ford F-150 parking brake adjustment

  • 1996 FORD F-150
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 270,000 MILES
Hey I was wondering how you tighten up a parking brake (drum brakes), the pedal itself is very stiff, does absolutely nothing cranking it down and vehicle is free to roll in neutral. What do I need to check/do?
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1. Raise and support the rear end on jackstands.
2. The brake drums should be cold.
3. Make sure that the parking brake pedal is fully released.
4. While holding the tension equalizer, tighten the equalizer nut 6 full turns past its original position.
5. Fully depress the parking brake pedal. Using a cable tension gauge, check rear cable tension. Cable tension should be 350 lbs. Minimum.
6. Fully release the parking brake. No drag should be noted at the wheels.
7. If drag is noted on F-250 and F-350 models, you'll have to remove the drums and adjust the clearance between the parking brake lever and cam plate. Clearance should be 0.015 in. (0.38mm). Clearance is adjusted at the parking brake equalizer adjusting nut.

If the tension limiter on the F-150 and Bronco models doesn't release the drag, the tension limiter will have to be replaced.

Initial Adjustment After Tension Limiter Has Been Replaced

1. Raise and support the front end on jackstands.
2. Depress the parking brake pedal fully.
3. Hold the tension limiter, install the equalizer nut and tighten it to a point 2 3 / 8 -2 5 / 8 in. (60.325-66.675mm) up the rod.
4. Check to make sure that the cinch strap has 1 3 / 8 in. (35mm) remaining.
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