1984 Ford F-150



June, 13, 2009 AT 3:39 PM

Engine Cooling problem
1984 Ford F150 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual 89000 miles

I Had a leak and replaced my old radiator. After the replacement was complete the vehicle ran hot after just a few moments of running. The thermostat was old I assumed it was probably stuck so I replaced it with a new thermostat. Vehicle is still running hot. The upper hose is getting hot and the hose actually looks like it might be swelling a bit at the block. Any ideas? The cooling system is not my forte.


Running Hot


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June, 13, 2009 AT 3:54 PM

Could be airlock in the system try bleeding it if it continues to overheat test the water pump and make sure the cooling fan is operating properly.

One way to test for a bad water pump is to squeeze the upper radiator hose when the engine is hot and idling. Careful, because the hose will be HOT! If you do not feel much coolant circulating through the hose when you rev the engine, the pump may be bad. The other cause might be a bad thermostat that is not opening properly (remove and inspect the thermostat), or a clogged radiator.



June, 25, 2009 AT 1:31 PM

I got my FIL over here and he had me take the radiator cap off, turn the truck on and turn on the heat. It held about another gallon of coolant after doing that and everything was fine for a few days.

Then my bottom radiator hose busted so I replaced it, first trip after the initial test drive my heater hose busted. Could it just be my hoses all need to be replaced or do you think I am having a problem with pressure build up?



June, 25, 2009 AT 4:14 PM

Inspect all water hoses

Take the thermostat out and flush the cooling system and see what happens. Make sure you bleed it again



July, 3, 2009 AT 11:47 AM

I will be working on this tomorrow seems like a good way to spend my 4th of July holiday!

Just to add to my previous post. Prior to the hoses busting I can feel coolant moving through the top hose however I could see and feel that hose swelling as well.

I have no reason to think I have a cracked block or blown HG or anything. Oil looks good, coolant thats leaking out looked good I assume if I had either of those problems I would see coolant in the oil or visa versa.

Thanks again

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