Harmonic Balancer

Is it easy to change the Harmonic Balancer on a 2004 Ford Eplorer xlt 4.0? I want to do the job myself, what tools will I need? Thank you very much.

The image is talkenfrom bottom up

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You will need a 1/2 inch ratchet or breaker bar and the socket that fits the center bolt. About a 19-21 mm I think.
You will need a harmonic balance puller. Less than 20.00 to buy. You can rent or borrow them too. Many parts stores have a free loaner program.

Take the belt off first. At least off the balancer area.
You can use an impact if you have one. But most break the bolt loose by getting breaker bar on it in loosing position and SLIGHTLY have someone BARELY bump the starter over.I mean TICKLE it.
It just takes a slight bump to break it free. Hold the bar tight. It will jerk pretty hard.
After bolt is out. Instal puller and take it off.

Clean up the crank surface with a towel and some wd-40 or the like and make sure you don't lose the woodruff key that should be in the half moon groove.
Put new one back on and wiggle push it on a bit then start bolt and tighten.
It should pull right up to the proper position as you tighten the bolt. If you have to get it on a bit more to start the bolt threads. ONLY hit the CENTER with a dead blow hammer or a block of wood in front of hammer is better and safer on balancer.
You are not supposed to BEAT on them.
Get it tighten up as tight as you can. It will turn the engine over as it gets tight.
Put the belt back on.
Run it for a few minutes and do several restarts. Then try to tighten the bolt some more to make sure it is tight.
I would recommend a Ford balance.I just had a cheap aftermarket one on a 99 Lincoln 4.6 come apart at the rubber ring bond area and fly across a parking lot. Yes it rolled over a hit a church!
The belt stayed on amazingly and I drove it home. No groves just belt.
This cheap one was on the car 1 day, about 7 miles before it let go.
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Friday, November 16th, 2007 AT 9:18 PM

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