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  • 1997 Ford Explorer

1997 Ford Explorer Sport
4 Wheel Drive

My car is leaking water from my windshield lining of the left driver's side whenever it rains or I wash my car. When it pours outside, it pretty much pours inside as well. My whole seat, steering wheel, floor mat, and door of the driver's side is all wet after it rains and I think it is starting to mold somewhere since it is starting to smell bad. I have to get that fixed sometime soon.

Anyway, it was POURING rain for like 2 days straight a couple days ago and my car got all wet as usual. I usually cover my seat and steering wheel with a towel when it rains but I didn't know it was going to. Well I went to go start my car and the windshield wipers automatically started and wont stop wiping. It was off in the first place, so I turned the wipers on then off again and they are still wiping at the highest speed and dont stop. I think something got wet somewhere in my car that affects my windshield wipers, but I dont know what to do. I really need help with this one, I cant drive anywhere til its fixed :[


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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 AT 8:42 PM

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Sounds like you've got a shorted wiper switch. You can sometimes take a Hair drier and dry up all the moisture and the problem will go away, but if it continues after it dries, I would replace the switch.

Also, I would recommend getting your windshield resealed. It will be cheaper on you in the long run. Water reeks havoc on electrical equipment, and the mold is agrivating to remove.

Good luck!

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007 AT 7:11 AM

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