1998 Ford Explorer Starter?

  • V8
  • AWD
  • 21,500 MILES
98 Ford explorer 5L v8. Problem starting it past month. Past week wont start completly. Kept getting jumps to start and it worked fine but the weathers gotten colder and now it wont start completly, im guessing the cold is the factor? When it wouldn't start, it was just making a straight clicking noise, nothing turning over. The dashboard lights are still on though making me think its my starter not my alternator? If anyone knows it would help me through alot of trouble
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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 AT 9:01 PM

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If you have an "Advance Auto Parts" store near you, the next time you get it going with a jump or by itself
take it to Advance Auto Parts and they will check your batter and alternator free of charge. The "clicking" sound is usually a sign of insufficient power to the starter. But with your dash lights not dimming or going out completely the problem became a little mysterious leaning toward a battery problem or insufficient charge.
It never fails. When the cold weather hits that is when the headaches with automotive problems begin.
With 215, 00 miles on the 5.0L V8. If it has the original starter it very well could be the starter is getting a little tired or weak. The 5.0L engines can easily go well over 200,000 miles with no problem.

If you can get your battery "absolutely fully charged" and you still get the "Clicking" sound, I would then say it is your starter.
If it cranks right over with a fully charged battery then you should concentrate on troubleshooting your battery then the alternator.

I hope it warms up a little so you can work on it without the cold temps getting to you.

Good Luck;
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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 AT 9:38 PM

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