2000 Ford Expedition



December, 22, 2008 AT 1:04 PM

Brakes problem
2000 Ford Expedition V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 117000 miles

Wondering if you can tell me how to adjust the emergency brake. When I push the emergency brake pedal all the way down, it doesn't feel like it grabs much. It's so weak, its almost as if the emergency brake is not engaged. It will grab a little bit, but barely. The truck stops just fine when driving, but if I park on a hill, I like to set the emergency brake to provide additional parking safety. Is there an adjustment setting somewhere that needs adjusting? They are rear disk brakes. I am not sure if the emergence brake is cabled. Any ideas on how to make the brake grab nicely? Again, the brakes work just fine when driving and I use the brakes normally, just the emergency brake grabs very little when parked.

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Dave H

December, 22, 2008 AT 4:34 PM

Parking Brake Shoe Adjustment (Expedition, Excursion, Explorer, Explorer Sport, Explorer Sport-Trac, Mountaineer & Super Duty Pickup)
NOTE: On all models except Excursion, Escape, Explorer, Explorer Sport, Explorer Sport-Trac, Mountaineer and Super Duty Pickup, parking brake system is self-adjusting and does not require adjustment.

Using Brake Adjustment Gauge (D81L-1103-A), measure inside diameter of drum portion of rear disc brake rotor. On Excursion and Super Duty Pickup, using parking brake adjuster screw, adjust parking brake shoe and lining until they drag against parking brake drum. On all other models, adjust parking brake shoe and lining to.020" (.508 mm) less than drum measurement.

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