DIESEL 7.3 155,000 MILES

2001 Ford Excursion



July, 29, 2007 AT 11:02 AM

Last night I was driving, air on, radio on, and all of the sudden it felt like the car was accelerating, then all the guages on the instrument panel went to the right and then to an off position. I continued driving for about 2 miles to my mother's home, where I thought if I turn it off maybe it will reset and come back on, that was not the case, I turned it off and it didn't have enough power to turn over. Later, about 3 hours, I thought well I will try to start it, this time it started and the panel worked fine, although the battery and ABS light stayed on, if I would rev it, the battery light would shut off momentarily. Is this a computer or an alternator or battery problem?


1 Answer



August, 8, 2007 AT 8:33 AM

Is your ex chipped? If it is you need to pull the chip out, it may have come loose. This happened to me and the truck ran fine after that. You were in limp mode when it ran the2nd time.

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