1994 Ford Escort



March, 20, 2007 AT 6:22 PM

My buddy has a 1994 ford escort with a 1.9 liter/manual trans. We just put a used engine with 90,000 miles on it 10 months ago. It ran great, and is still running great, it starts easy and idles fine. All of a sudden it starts ticking loud. We pulled the valve cover off and it does sound like it is in the top of the motor but I can't be for sure. He has'nt driven it since. Should I check for a collapsed lifter, broke valve or somthing more simple. Another bit of info, the motor we put in it had been sitting in a junkyard for a while. Please help! Thanks


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March, 24, 2007 AT 3:39 PM

To find out where any ticking or grinding noises are at, get a long screwdriver the longer the better, and start the engine and put the tip of the screwdriver on the head it self not the cover, and hold it firm againced the head and put handle to your ear and hold it tight to the hole in your ear so it blocks some of the noise out, and listen for the tick. Then move the screwdriver to the block, move the screwdriver to different places to find the loudest ticking and that will give you an idea where the noise is at.

Be carefull were you put the screwdriver tip it might slip off and go into the fan or something spinning and fly through someone's body, like a spear. So be extra carefull!

To find a bad bearing or grinding noise You can do the same to altenators, pullys, water pumps, anything that has a bearings and listen for a grinding noise, check all pullys, the loudest one should be the one. But use your common sence. The power stearing pump will make more noise than the alt. Cause of the gears inside the pump.

Remember to put the screwdriver HANDLE to your ear not the metal end! I have seen a guy do that! I couldn't beleve it. I took the screwdriver away from him and hit him in the dead with it. It was kind of funny afterwards, cause the screwdriver was pretty good size and left a big knot on his head. Better a knot ON his head than a screwdriver IN his head.



March, 24, 2007 AT 10:09 PM

Try getting an oil pressure gauge and finding out if you need an oil pump.

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