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March, 26, 2006 AT 11:52 PM

I have a 1997 Ford Escort Wagon 2.0 SOHC. About two months ago I discovered one of the core plugs in the cylinder head (on the timing belt end of the motor) was leaking. I first tried using a stop leak product. This did not work. I next replaced the core plug. While driving on the highway yesterday going around sixty-five the engine started making clicking/buzzing noise, the temperature gage began to spike, and then the engine died - all within around two-three minutes. I pulled over, with smoke billowing out of the engine compartment. I discovered the freeze plug had blown out (I assume I installed it incorrectly). I had the car towed home. I removed the radiator cap to discover it was full of the stop leak I used earlier (possibly causing pressure to builld and the freeze plug to blow out. The problem is now the car won't start. I have plenty of battery voltage. The motor turns. I've tested to see that I'm getting spark, which I am. I can hear the fuel pump go on when I try to start the car. I do detect a strong gas odor from the engin compartment. I've check the oil and there doesn't appear to be any antifreeze in it. I know I got antifreeze all over the enging compartment - on the crankshaft sensor - all over the harness that goes to the fuel injectors, etc. However, they are mostly dry now. What do I test next? What am I missing? Please help.


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March, 27, 2006 AT 11:17 AM

Stop leak has nothing to do with your problem. You probley warp your heads, or worse cracked them. Then you might have a cracked head gasket.



March, 27, 2006 AT 12:20 PM

Something had to have caused the pressure to rise to blow the freeze plug out - maybe bad radiator cap - anyway is there a test I can perform before removing the head to see if the the gasket is cracked - some sort of compression check. If the thing would start I would put water in it and see if it ended up in the oil - but I can't.

Thanks for answering

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