2001 Ford Escape



September, 11, 2006 AT 1:55 AM

2001 Ford Escape. When I drive over slight road bumps, (such as road crack seals, uneven ground etc. Their is a 'rocking grating metal on metal rattling' noise that seems to be coming from the front right suspension. I've looked at everything under there and nothing seems to be obviously loose as it sounds. Is this likely a strut problem, or a lower control arm problem or lower control arm bushing problem? The car drives okay still, but it bothers me that maybe there is something really wrong and dangerous with the front suspension. Any ideas, please let me know.


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September, 12, 2006 AT 12:07 AM

Jack the wheel up where there is no load on it. In other do not jack it on the frame get under the control arm so the load is off take a bar and lift lightly while someone or you looks at that lower ball joint see how much play is in it you can also grab the wheel at top and bottom and wiggle the tire in and out that will also tell about the balljoint and if you have a shot wheelbearing. Best to do both sides(NOS).



January, 15, 2009 AT 8:02 PM

I know this is an old posting but my escape had a really bad noise from the front end when hitting small bumps. Sounded like a bad strut. Turned out to be the nylon bushings in the small control arms that conect to the struts and to a sway type bar that runs from one side of the car to the other. I found to check car needed to be on the ground, with wheels straight, then look behind tire to the inside side of the strut and locate the small bar that is connected to it. On the bottom of the bar that is connected to the sway type bar push up, should not be loose or make any noise. Mine clunked. Orders replacement parts for about $30.00 and installed. Them.

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